Student says: “Write my paper”

Nowadays more and more students don’t want to get in trouble with their intellect and brain exercises. Especially if they have money. We can hear from almost every room of students houses the phrase “Write my paper” talking to Siri or Google. It is much cheaper for them and guarantees that they will pass what they are studying. But what actually they are studying buying their coursework? What is the value of the work student passed, which he has no idea what is written about?

I would say – zero. Write my paper is the work which is going to fall students career. Why? The answer is that the most important thing in the studying is knowledge. You can work hard, hard without the breaks. Doing your best. But if you doing it without knowledge, without the understanding what is it about – it is worthless. 100% you will not get the result with the work you don’t care about.

students write my paper

What is the solution for the lazy student?

The solution was found in the Harvard University, by the Ablconnect group. The secret is in fostering motivation.

What is it about? It is about the student who will be motivated in finding the answers to the question he got in the university or college. The main goals and the will to find the truth build the stronger base to the student, rather the money and worthless time spending. Self-learning will develop in the student the will to understand more about the programs and topics he needs to learn. Together with the instructors he may pass all bullet points of the task and fulfill the paperwork in the short period of time. So the phrase – write my paper, can be forgotten forever.

On another side of ‘write my paper’ education

On another site of education, such services like offering persuasive essays, which faces all the requirements of the tutor. All you need – a credit card, for some orders – a debit card is enough. But how bad are students using these services? I can not admit that to find a proper service, check all the points, follow all the rules is not easy. If a student could pass all these requirements – it can be said – he already understands something about the topic he is in.

Especially if this undergraduate is from the United Kingdom, as I already mentioned in the previous topic – he is already a hero. Because finish education for such crazy prices cannot be affordable for anyone. He must work hard every day or get a debt for 100 years to pay £30,000 for the BSc degree. How fair is it? I can’t answer at once, but all I know – if the young man knows how to get the money (legally), he already passed life’s exam.

For some universities, it could be enough. But far not for all.


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