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First World Problems

Today we are going to discuss first world problems, and what is hidden by them.

Most of us living today and thinking what is important for today only. But in reality, our lives going far further after today.

Since we born, our life is already planned, by the God or by the luck. Anyway, sometimes it is not always up on us.

And these plans are our problems.

Why? Because we have to challenge them every day.  Starting from how to not to late to the job, ending with what to eat for the dinner.

Shall we concentrate on this problems? I don’t think so.  Our life is wide and full of surprises and things, which make our interesting or not.

However, based on the research of MacMurray College – the World has 12 main problems and we will list them all together. Do you have any idea?

Sure, the first one, but not the last

  • Pollution – we have too many fabrics, and they all made our planet crazy.
  • Lack of natural resources – this is why we are looking for analogs of energy.
  • Nuclear weapons, – which may kill all people or even organisms on the planet.
  • Racism, Sexism and other discrimination – this is what is grinding my wheels. When I think that there is the lack of intellect in the World.
  • Lack of education. – The prices on education are constantly rising, but not any person can afford for them selves a good college or university, and don’t finish the university he is not interested in, and its reputation on educational level. Based on the statistics of Yale University the population of students is going down every year and if nothing will change, we will no longer be highly educated in the future. This is sad.

And so on. All first world problems you can read at the universities pages. But for sure there are lot of things to think among, despite our own problems. Shall we do? Sure

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