Education in London: How far it will pass?

Since 1992, when new education law was admitted, many things changed. Changed the level of education for all levels of schools and universities. It is hard to say, did it improve the quality or fall back. But we can say with sure, it will never be same again.

For some of the people, it does not make sense, they already passed their colleges and will never take a look at the system of education. But for people who do care – it is a huge signal to do something, to not to stay one one place and do step forward. Step to change the world in a good and bright way.

Yes, we can’t change it at once, but if we will not try, it will go worse. The world as the other good things does not stay at one point. It always goes further or back. So trying to push it harder will make it a bit better, right now, right here.


Based on the article I wrote last week, I cleared on the simple thing – that we can’t handle with ourselves alone. We always need help, as a result the experience other people share is highly valuable. So we can’t negotiate others mistake and need to pay the attention to it.

First of all, it doesn’t matter¬†from where this experience did come. ¬†It can be absolutely any country, as our experience shows that brilliant ideas come from nowhere and save the whole World.

It can be Africa with its low economy, or Russia with its stereotypes or the United States with Trump at the head. We are ready to admit any experience and advice as long as it makes sense, and proved its efficiency.

Following the simple rules of education on all steps of programs other countries have we will keep the level of our young minds on the top side. And this is what we need.

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