Student says: “Write my paper”

Nowadays more and more students don’t want to get in trouble with their intellect and brain exercises. Especially if they have money. We can hear from almost every room of students houses the phrase “Write my paper” talking to Siri or Google. It is much cheaper for them and guarantees that they will pass what they are studying. But what actually they are studying buying their coursework? What is the value of the work student passed, which he has no idea what is written about?

I would say – zero. Write my paper is the work which is going to fall students career. Why? The answer is that the most important thing in the studying is knowledge. You can work hard, hard without the breaks. Doing your best. But if you doing it without knowledge, without the understanding what is it about – it is worthless. 100% you will not get the result with the work you don’t care about.

students write my paper

What is the solution for the lazy student?

The solution was found in the Harvard University, by the Ablconnect group. The secret is in fostering motivation.

What is it about? It is about the student who will be motivated in finding the answers to the question he got in the university or college. The main goals and the will to find the truth build the stronger base to the student, rather the money and worthless time spending. Self-learning will develop in the student the will to understand more about the programs and topics he needs to learn. Together with the instructors he may pass all bullet points of the task and fulfill the paperwork in the short period of time. So the phrase – write my paper, can be forgotten forever.

On another side of ‘write my paper’ education

On another site of education, such services like offering persuasive essays, which faces all the requirements of the tutor. All you need – a credit card, for some orders – a debit card is enough. But how bad are students using these services? I can not admit that to find a proper service, check all the points, follow all the rules is not easy. If a student could pass all these requirements – it can be said – he already understands something about the topic he is in.

Especially if this undergraduate is from the United Kingdom, as I already mentioned in the previous topic – he is already a hero. Because finish education for such crazy prices cannot be affordable for anyone. He must work hard every day or get a debt for 100 years to pay £30,000 for the BSc degree. How fair is it? I can’t answer at once, but all I know – if the young man knows how to get the money (legally), he already passed life’s exam.

For some universities, it could be enough. But far not for all.


science in writing books

Science in writing books

There is a myth, that no science in writing books needed, that it comes by its own. You just sit down and write it down, with no struggle and mind.

To be honest it is not the truth.

Writing is a great science and just having a knowledge is not enough. You need something more. Like a talent.

But with the books, you don’t have to be born with it. You can learn it.

There are plenty of the schools, which can teach you how to write well. Not only by the lessons you can follow but by the experience of the tutors. Tutors happy to share their life experience to show their best in writing books and teach how to make it with masterpiece signature.

For example, if you are based in the United Kingdom, better in London and surfing for a good place to get high-valuable studies. You are welcome to LSE. Hundred years of experience show that authority it has in the sphere of journalism, poetry, and artists is not made from the air. It proved by the famous and popular graduates, who showed what can they achieve passing all courses in this university.

In details, you can check all their opportunities watching their video on youtube

Another question. If you feel old to study another 2-3 years at university and want to pass short courses, where will be nailed all the secrets and answers in a nutshell.

To open the gates for the science in writing books you need someone, who already had it and passed all the long road to get what he has. It should be a professional, and popular one.

Some of them popular because they are popular (some kind of the marketing circle) but we need someone, who has products. Like books, better be best sellers. Such people know secrets. Go to them and try to buy by your kindness or money as many answers, as much you can.

We previously answered the question, how easy get a high education in London. But now I hope I answered, what is the good education in total.

world problems

First World Problems

Today we are going to discuss first world problems, and what is hidden by them.

Most of us living today and thinking what is important for today only. But in reality, our lives going far further after today.

Since we born, our life is already planned, by the God or by the luck. Anyway, sometimes it is not always up on us.

And these plans are our problems.

Why? Because we have to challenge them every day.  Starting from how to not to late to the job, ending with what to eat for the dinner.

Shall we concentrate on this problems? I don’t think so.  Our life is wide and full of surprises and things, which make our interesting or not.

However, based on the research of MacMurray College – the World has 12 main problems and we will list them all together. Do you have any idea?

Sure, the first one, but not the last

  • Pollution – we have too many fabrics, and they all made our planet crazy.
  • Lack of natural resources – this is why we are looking for analogs of energy.
  • Nuclear weapons, – which may kill all people or even organisms on the planet.
  • Racism, Sexism and other discrimination – this is what is grinding my wheels. When I think that there is the lack of intellect in the World.
  • Lack of education. – The prices on education are constantly rising, but not any person can afford for them selves a good college or university, and don’t finish the university he is not interested in, and its reputation on educational level. Based on the statistics of Yale University the population of students is going down every year and if nothing will change, we will no longer be highly educated in the future. This is sad.

And so on. All first world problems you can read at the universities pages. But for sure there are lot of things to think among, despite our own problems. Shall we do? Sure

Education in London: How far it will pass?

Since 1992, when new education law was admitted, many things changed. Changed the level of education for all levels of schools and universities. It is hard to say, did it improve the quality or fall back. But we can say with sure, it will never be same again.

For some of the people, it does not make sense, they already passed their colleges and will never take a look at the system of education. But for people who do care – it is a huge signal to do something, to not to stay one one place and do step forward. Step to change the world in a good and bright way.

Yes, we can’t change it at once, but if we will not try, it will go worse. The world as the other good things does not stay at one point. It always goes further or back. So trying to push it harder will make it a bit better, right now, right here.


Based on the article I wrote last week, I cleared on the simple thing – that we can’t handle with ourselves alone. We always need help, as a result the experience other people share is highly valuable. So we can’t negotiate others mistake and need to pay the attention to it.

First of all, it doesn’t matter from where this experience did come.  It can be absolutely any country, as our experience shows that brilliant ideas come from nowhere and save the whole World.

It can be Africa with its low economy, or Russia with its stereotypes or the United States with Trump at the head. We are ready to admit any experience and advice as long as it makes sense, and proved its efficiency.

Following the simple rules of education on all steps of programs other countries have we will keep the level of our young minds on the top side. And this is what we need.